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Comments for JYL, Jyl

JYL are a German electronic, art/pop band along the lines of Kraftwerk and Propaganda with a female singer. The groupmainly consists of Jyl Porch on vocals, Ingo Werner onelectronics, and Christoph Haberer on electronic percussionand drum programming. The album is produced by the livinglegend himself, Klaus Schulze, and is quite a fascinatingpiece of electronic music that any fan of the early 80`s couldappreciate. Jyl has a great vocal range and, at times, soundslike Siouxie of Siouxie And The Banchees.---This is a wonderfulalbum and I recommend it highly.
Yes, JYL is a wonserful album. Unfortunately hard to find on LP's, is has not been re-issued on CD. Issued on the KS label Inteam in 1984... I really like the sounds experimentations on this eletro-pop oriented record. All the lyrics are about the future, robots, etc... It is sung by a certain Jyl Porch, whose I have been until now really interested to have more information... without success... Sometimes the music make me think to Yellow Magic Orchestra, it is sometimes funny music, funny lyrics, second degree music that sounds nearly kitch. ptta
I Love this this album and it rocks my socks of my feet. It's cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know jyl !yeah ! shelby
I would LOVE to hear the album.....
Playing the JLY album for the first time and it already sounds interesting/good! Is there only one album? The 80’s sure did have some great new music.
learn how to spell Siouxsie!
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