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Comments for Pet Shop Boys, actually

I found this movie quite amusing! It wasn't that hard to find. I got it from Blockbuster. Otherwise, just about anything is impossible to find from them in this country!
the song rent has a very special meaning to me. One of my uncls' twice divorced friends who happened to be a history and constitution professor somewher in michigan, said that this song reminded him of his second never satisfiable wife. I thought he was joking, but I never forget his face and the tears in his eyes ( HE WAS 45 YEARS OLD FOR GODS SAKE) when he listened to it on my puny crappy stereo.
Actually's best songs are: The four on Discography - Fantastic songs: "What have I done to deserve this?" "Rent." "It's a sin." "Heart." And two others: "It couldn't happen here.": a fantasic SLOW Pet Shop Boys song - one of their more orchestral songs, but still with a strong melody. "Kings Cross.": another slower song - the lyrics are perhaps not as strong as other PSB offerings, but this song grows on you! Interestingly enough it uses the same chord progression for its chorus as "Being Boring" - sing along, you'll see what I mean!). The rest are OK. "One more chance" has an interesting long lead up. In my opinion, "Shopping." and "Hit music." are fairly mediocre compared to the rest. "I want to wake up." is OK though. The best thing about "Actually" is that you can re-listen to it no problem at all - over and over... Ciao! Sean.
Excellent album. Nowhere near "Behavior," but still good. "King's Cross" is my favorite song on this album
A great album, with each track flowing into each other. Highlights include, "Rent", "What have I..", "King''s Cross", and "It Couldn''t Happen Here", which lead into a movie which is VERY VERY difficult to get a hold of. Any offers to sell a copy to me, I will pay good money for it!! (The cover is also wonderful)
The PSB`s also created a movie titled "It couldn`t happen here", which is very difficult to find in the US but is stocked by HMV and Virgin Megastores in London. It is quite silly and involves cows wearing boots in train stations, a blind homicidal priest, and an airplane pilot that seems to be inspired by Dinky Little.
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